Trend to Try: Straw Fedoras


With summertime not far by, a hat to block out the sun on those hot days in a necessity.

Enter the straw fedora.

Replace the over sized straw hat with something more stylish and more practical for off-the-beach wear. Celebrities like Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted sporting the trendy lid around town. The straw fedora is a casual alternative to:

  • The typical suede or polyester fedora —> More dressy
  • The Baseball cap —> Frumpy, More for an active occasion
  • Large brim straw hat —> Necessity for sun blockage; More for the beach
  • Floppy, woven hat —> Too hot for summer; winter look
  • Trucker hat —> No

This look can be worn day or night and to dinner with friends or to the mall. Especially during the summer, casual, light and airy is top priority and the straw fedora can help achieve all those things with a little added style. Pair the hat with a tank and shorts or a flowy sundress and some gladiator sandals. Don’t fear hat hair, you won’t wan to take this hat off!

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson


Images via


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