Love This Look: Debutante Rock



Let out your inner Rockstar.

Girlie girls, don’t be afraid to give your look some edge without losing your femininity. This look from Forever 21 gives you that sugar & spice in an utra chic outfit. Black and acid wash jeans are key. These elements give the ensemble what it needs to embody Rock & Roll. A black sleeveless tunic is a simple way to be sleek, chic and fun for an outfit fit for a night-out. A pair of gray skinny jeans with a faded or acid wash give the bottoms a different style from the normal blue jean. This trendy look gives the jeans a more edgy feel that fits the Rock vibe. Accessories are crucial to finishing off this head-banging outfit. Black peep-toe booties make this look rocker chic, but any high heel, bootie or not, will give hight leg length to this outfit. Large metal or chain bangles, maybe with touches of black, give it a touch of glam-rock. The final touch is your chance to take this look from what could be dirty grunge (to the fashionably naive) to pretty Rock. A large bow or headband, any color could really work (Experiment!), gives the whole look that feminine touch to turn you into a hot rocker chick.

So gather your black, booties, bangles and bows and Rock On!

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