The Most Useless Things in My Closet

Why do I own that, again?

Why do I own that, again?

Everyone woman has WAY more things than necessary in their closet. That shirt, shoe or bag that you just know you will need to go with something! But really, thinking about all the clothes, shoes, bags, belts, etc. that are in my closet right now, there are a few things that come to mind that I know are completely useless.

Of my many, many dresses I own, for every seven you pass through in my closet, ONE has a tag still on it (as in never been worn). About 90% of the time…IT’S THE SALES! They get me every time. If a magical red dot/line is marked on that price tag, you better believe I am all over it. Regardless if I already have a dress of the same color or the same look ( it could even be a dress I already own in a different color), if it looks good on and is substantially lower priced, I’m getting it. It is not until I get home that i realize that I have 20 black, short-sleeved dresses. I like to call it Shoppers Amnesia.

As for the rest of the tag-clad dresses, not yet shown to the world, that is what I call my “what was I thinking” moments. Upon arrival in my closet, those uglyunfortunate dresses are given a serious stare down followed by a disappointed look at the receipt with the words FINAL SALE jumping out at me. So there they sit now, in my dress graveyard.

In addition to that list of useless things would be:

  • Multiple pairs of ballet flats – I think to myself “THESE are going to be the ones that don’t hurt my feet!” Sure enough, 15 minutes of walking around campus and I have blisters in five different places on each foot. So there they sit, in the shoe graveyard.
  • The once-in-fashion shiny, rubbery feeling belts. In bright colors – I think I may just need them for something. Costume party, social. No, just no.
  • Everything else that falls into the Forgotten Dress category. I have that graveyard for tops, too.

What are your most useless items in your closet?

What\’s the Most Useless Thing in Your Closet? – What has to say about their closets


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